What happened while we were gone?!?


After the summer of 2010, beloved husband and I decided we would beat the heat by returning to Michigan for the month of July this year. (Yet one more of our plans that didn’t work out as expected. See: Heat Wave of 2011 hits the Midwest)

Before leaving I found a foster family for my herb pots, and attempted to double checked the trickle system in our back yard. Stay tuned for a post on how that is really accomplished. Clearly, I haven’t a clue.

We returned in early August. The short hand version of what we returned to,  is this: Several plants, fried beyond recognition; one tree on the watch list; and several herbs MIA.

Now the question becomes…When, if at all, do I start replacing the deceased?


About marianne

Gardening in the St. Utah high desert? Have questions? Easy ones? Stumpers? So do I. I grew up gardening in the Midwest and arrived here only recently. I knew immediately I’m wasn’t in Michigan any more. What exactly is a trickle system? Two growing seasons? Really? Roses? Who knew? So drop in as I learn the answers to these questions, others as they arise, and any questions you might have. I don’t have answers, yet, but I know who to ask.

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