Rumor Has It


As a transplant when I hear the term ‘Fall growing season’ I think of that time of year in the Midwest when a gardener rushes to get bulbs in the ground before it freezes harder than rock. So, when I began to hear buzzing about a true growing season in the Fall, my ears perked up.

The Fall growing season here in St. George isn’t a long one. In fact, conventional wisdom has it that it starts around the Autumnal Equinox (this year that was September 23) and ends around Thanksgiving.  During this time of year the days are usually warm, with the daily averages dropping from the mid 80s to the mid 60s. The evenings are cool (a notable difference from our blast furnace-like summer nights) with averages falling from the mid 50s to the mid 30s.  We can begin to expect some freezing nights around Halloween, but the freezes aren’t hard ones. Many plants, including cool season vegetables actually tolerate this climate quite well.

The beauty of the Fall growing season is that some vegetables like lettuce, spinach and broccoli won’t survive in the summer. If you want to eat them fresh from the garden, and who wouldn’t , they must be grown during the Fall, Winter and Spring.

In our next post more about the specifics of planting vegetables, flowers and landscape vegetation.

Keep On Digging.


About marianne

Gardening in the St. Utah high desert? Have questions? Easy ones? Stumpers? So do I. I grew up gardening in the Midwest and arrived here only recently. I knew immediately I’m wasn’t in Michigan any more. What exactly is a trickle system? Two growing seasons? Really? Roses? Who knew? So drop in as I learn the answers to these questions, others as they arise, and any questions you might have. I don’t have answers, yet, but I know who to ask.

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